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We are ranked highly because of our innovative and exceptionally high quality ingredients, our continued research program, and our dedicated customer service.

We explore hundreds of species from the botanical world to find the best of them to help mankind. We protect our pioneering work by filing patents in the US and other countries.

It is very important to us to be efficient in the extraction process and analytical chemistry to bring your ideas to reality. At the same time, investing in cultivation for a reliable in house sourcing is as important to us as excellent customer service and technical assistance.

The Organic division of Green Chem is our key ally in India.  Mr. R. Rajendran is an avid researcher and a dedicated scientist holds 8 US and international patents so far. Dr. Jit Maheshvari is known for his dedicated technical support and excellence in the US nutraceutical industry.

Their approach of looking beyond the horizon has created a wide range of organic ingredients.

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