Greenchem, our partner company, has a state of the art manufacturing facility, equipped with all modern manufacturing equipment and uses cGMP guidelines.

We use many modern techniques during extraction like pressure extraction, counter current extraction, super critical extraction, continuous solvent extraction etc. The extracts are enriched by vacuum-falling film evaporator, agitated thin film concentrator and/or vacuum-calendria units. These equipment ensure that the active molecules of the herbs are intact and not decomposed.

We purify the phyto compounds through column chromatographic techniques. The extracts are finally spray dried or vacuum dried.

Many of our operations take place in clean rooms equipped with clean air supply and dust handling systems.

All the stages of our manufacturing operations are well documented as per SOPs as stated in US FDA guidelines.

Our facility has various certifications:

  • ISO 22000 (the highest in food safety)
  • Organic NOP and European
  • Kosher
  • Halal

We continue our journey to excellence and strive for perfection!

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