Organic Farming

organic farming

Our 400 acres of farm land in India, along with selected contract farming, is the base of our sourcing. Farming activity starts from the nursery to plantation to harvesting. All of it is done in a certified organic field. We do not use any synthetic fertilizer or pesticides.

Organic agriculture is a method of growing and processing that helps protect, rather than deplete, our natural resources. Instead of harmful chemicals, we and our farmers use methods like composting, crop rotation and inter-planting to control weeds and pests, replenish the soil and sustain the health of our planet.

The Organic certification system ensures the quality of products and growing conditions. We also meet the standards set by the USDA and European government organizations. Inspection of soil, processing facilities and record keeping is fundamental.

Well-balanced soils grow strong and healthy plants which many believe tastes better and contains more balanced nutrients.

We urge everyone to use organic products in order to:

  • Help prevent soil erosion
  • Save energy by not using pesticides and fertilizers
  • Protect the health of farm workers
  • Keep the carcinogens found in most herbicides and pesticides out of our water systems

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