Research and Development

Our research is the base of our development. Our research starts from our farm fields and finishes in the lab. Our field work is the basis of new and innovative concepts.

We bring the field concept into a lab and then to a pilot plant. Development of extraction process and analytical method are the next important steps. Once satisfied with the outcome of the results, we move forward with commercial manufacturing and start worldwide marketing.

Looks pretty simple, right? Well, not really. There are several steps in between and failure of just one of those steps breaks the chain. Yet, only after failures do we attain success and a guarantee of the efficacy of the product.Research and Development

We actively sponsor original, independent university studies on our ingredients to get non-prejudiced results that validate the safety and efficacy, and to confirm product marketing claims.

We work very closely and confidentially with our various customers to develop their custom requirements. After all, Research and Development is the exchange of ideas among intelligent people.

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